A substantial body of recent research has shown that a diet high in potentially inflammation-causing foods (like grains, sugar, dairy and artificial ingredients) can contribute to the development of many diseases including; depression/anxiety, ADHD, cancer, high cholesterol, IBD, and arthritis. Since most of your serotonin (a neurochemical responsible for feeling happy) is produced in your intestines and not in your brain, the foods you choose can make an enormous impact on how you feel.  

 In addition, the intestines are directly connected to the brain by the vagus nerve. Surprisingly, around 90% of the fibers in this nerve carry information from the gut to the brain. To add to the complexity of this gut/brain communication is the fact that the trillions of bacteria that call your intestines home “communicate” with your intestinal nerve cells.  When this intricate system is disrupted, the information goes straight to your brain- often with unpleasant consequences.

In terms of treating depression, any good physician or psychiatrist will tell you, that the place to start is with the safest and least invasive approach.  Changing your diet to eliminate potential causes of inflammation and aberrant brain signalling, is great way to begin.  If you’re already getting some relief from your prescription medication, you are likely to see an additional reduction in your depression by the end of the ten days.

The purpose of the program is to allow you to evaluate the impact that grains, sugars or potentially inflammatory foods may have been having on your mood in a SHORT experiment with your body.   Although not everyone has an inflammatory reaction to grains, many people find that their mood improves dramatically when they eliminate grains and sugar.  There are many hypotheses as to why this is happening but the easiest way to see if you’re impacted is to do this easy 10 day experiment.  We think you’ll be amazed at the results….