1.  DAILY HABITS that you’ll practice each of the ten days.

2. FOOD AND SNACK OPTIONS that allow you to gradually eliminate foods that can cause chronic systemic inflammation and depression.

3.  THREE SUPPLEMENTS that replenish the required nutrients often depleted in people who are depressed.

The Science Behind the Program

We believe that too much time and money has been spent trying to treat the symptoms rather than the causes of depression. While antidepressant drugs work for some people, many people don’t get sufficient relief from their depression with medication. If you’re already taking prescription drugs for your depression you should continue to do so.  The program will work either with or without antidepressant medication.

The reason for our success is that our program quickly reduces the most common physiological problems that can cause depression (like gut inflammation and depletion of critical nutrients).  At the same time, each component of the program works together to support the body and mind as they rebalance to their natural state of energy and joy.

 Although there are many different reasons for depression, mild to moderate depression can often be dramatically reduced within just 10 days.   The only cost is the 3 supplements that you can buy at any online (e.g. and/or

Sound impossible?  It’s easier than you think.  Join the rapidly growing number of people who have emerged from the darkness of depression into a new life of happiness and self determination. 

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