•  Before you begin, stock up on foods from the grocery list and get your supplements.

  • Each day, when you write down what you’ve eaten, circle any items on your list that contain dairy, grain, sugar/ANY sweetener, cooked root vegetables  or cooked beans.  By day 3 these should be GONE from your kitchen along with any alcohol, soda or fruit juice.

  •  Eat 8 snack items each day that you’ll choose from the snack list.


VEGETABLES:  Any vegetable with the exception of cooked root vegetables or legumes. The only cooked root vegetable that’s permissible is sweet potato. The only permitted legumes are raw (e.g. snap peas, green peas, green beans, haricots vert, etc) and hummus.  For all veggies, if you’re going to cook them, don’t overdo it. Leave them a little crisp.  You can eat unlimited raw veggies (great with hummus).

FRUITS (see grocery list for specifics)

FISH/SEAFOOD:  Anything you’re not allergic to. No deep-frying or breading.

EGGS:  Any style at any meal up to 4 a day. Recent research suggests that higher cholesterol actually improves brain function. No surprise there since your brain needs cholesterol to work properly.  In any case, dietary cholesterol is only a fraction of the total cholesterol produced in your body and recent research points to grains (not fats) as the culprit behind high cholesterol.

MEATS AND POULTRY: Any meat or poultry in moderation.  Your total amount for the day should be about twice the size of the palm of your hand.  Grilled, stir-fried, baked, broiled, roasted or slow-cooked. Steak and eggs? A perfectly acceptable breakfast.  If you’re ordering meat from the deli counter ask for whole  (unprocessed) cuts of either turkey or roast beef.  How do you make a sandwich?  You don’t.  Just roll up a few slices of meat and put them on a plate with a little mustard for dipping along with some pickles and sliced hard-boiled egg and tomatoes.  You can do this…

FERMENTED SOY PRODUCTS:  Tempeh, Miso, natto, Tamari and pickled tofu,

SWEETENERS:  Only the minimum amount you need for morning coffee or tea.. If you’re craving something sweet later in the day, grab a piece of fruit or some raw carrots.

FATS AND OILS:  Coconut or Olive Oil, butter.

SEASONINGS:  Fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice, mustard, horseradish, all fresh or dried herbs, miso, coconut aminos, salt and  pepper

DAIRY:  Sorry, no dairy.  If you need something for your coffee or tea, try unsweetened almond milk,

BEVERAGES:  Coffee/tea (maximum of 2 cups each morning and only if necessary), soda/mineral/tap water, coconut water, unsweetened coconut or almond milk.