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Snack Options:

Mix and match from the choices below to choose 8 snacks each day:  see the grocery list for details.

Any vegetables except cooked root vegetables or legumes.  Serving size:  1 cup raw or cooked. As many servings as you want, all the way up to the 8 snack total.

Fruits: Serving size: 1 piece or cup (for berries and chopped fruit) up to 3 servings per day.

Nuts: almonds, cashews or walnuts.  Serving size:  1/4 cup.  Up to 2 servings per day

Protein: up to 4 servings per day



DAY 1:  1 apple, 1 banana, raw green beans, 2 raw carrots, hard-boiled egg, 1 c. blueberries, 1/8 c. almonds, fresh snap peas.

Try to eat your snacks BETWEEN meals and for after dinner treats.  The key is to avoid getting hungry at all costs.  If you’ve been eating lots of refined carbs (chips, baked goods, bread, pretzels, etc) you will likely have some severe carb cravings as you change your diet.  STAY STRONG and grab some carrots!